Getting Started


Welcome to the Online UB Card Office

Your UB Card is your ticket to a variety of services throughout campus. Dining plans, Dining Dollars and Campus Cash are all accessed using your UB Card.


Key uses of your UB Card

  • Meal Plans
  • Dining Dollars
  • Campus Cash
  • Door Access
  • UB IT Access
  • Library access, online and in person
  • Access to athletic facilities
  • Access to sporting events
  • Student Identification
  • Campus Transportation/UB Stampede



You will be eligible for a UB Card once you are registered for class. New freshmen or transfer students obtain their UB Cards at their orientation session. All other undergraduate and summer-only students may obtain their UB Cards at the UB Card Office during regular business hours. Your UB Card is valid while you are a registered student. If you leave UB and return at a later date, that card will become valid again. It is a valuable resource for any time you spend at UB. All registered students must have a UB Card and carry it with them at all times.


Online Program Official UB Card

The UB Card Office is pleased to share with you the recent development of a UB Card made just for our Online Students. We have worked with the Graduate School of Education to produce a non-photo UB Card that we can provide to our online participants. The card contains most of the elements of a traditional UB Card.


The cost of the card is $20, which will be charged to your University Account and your UB Card will be mailed directly to you.

Each request will be confirmed by verifying course registration records. This card is not meant to be a substitute for a traditional UB Card; it is intended to verify that you are a member of the extended University Community. If in the future you come to campus to continue your studies or research then you must obtain the traditional photo UB Card. You will be able to exchange this card towards the purchase of a traditional UB Card.


To apply for an Online Program Official UB Card, please fill out this application.


Card Fees

Initial Card / Replace lost or stolen card / New photo when card shows minor signs of abuse $20
New photo when card shows no sign of abuse / New photo when changing official UB status (name or status) / Reprint when card shows minor signs of abuse $10
Reprint when card shows no signs of abuse / Reprint when changing official UB status (name or status) N/C
Reprint a confiscated card $25


UB Card Office

The UB Card Office issues all UB Cards. You can visit the UB Card Office online to take care of many important UB Card activities such as reporting a lost card, or adding money to your Campus Cash or Dining Dollars accounts. The UB Card Office has two locations on campus. Hours of operation are available on our what's open page.


North Campus Student Union,
Room 228
(716) 645-6344
South Campus Harriman Hall, Suite 104 (716) 829-3682


School of Dental Medicine

For faculty, staff, and students of the School of Dental Medicine that need to use the SunRay lab terminals, please contact the UB Card office to obtain your first card or replacement card. The new smart cards are a new program and additional information is needed.


Card Policies

 For more detailed information, see the UB Card Policies


For UBit information please refer to